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Dadi Maa Ke Gharelu Nuskhe
Dadi Maa Ke Gharelu
Nuskha No.1
Dry Cough

Chronic dry cough can cause inflammation. So, at least one or more of following measures must be taken:

1. Apply black salt on a piece of ginger and chew it, sipping the juice.

2. Add a tea spoon of Ghee to hot milk and have it before sleeping. Ensure face is covered with a thin sheet while sleeping.

3. Have a spoon of Honey after adding powdered Mulethi (Asal-as-Soos)

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Nuskha No.2

Following will provide some relief from dysentery:

 1. Keep fast on water or lemon water as long as the disease is not cured. Remain on a liquid diet of fruit juices and butter milk and salads.

2. In severe cases clean the colon with enema of Luke warm water. The water of enema should slowly flow in.

3. Hot and cold fomentation on the abdomen followed with a wet or mud pack. This should be repeated as per the condition of the person.

4. Other remedies include hip bath and hot foot bath.

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Nuskha No.3

Causes and symptoms

A cough can be developed in the chest due to change in weather and seasonal changes, wrong feeding habits, being over clothed with heavy garments prevents proper aeration of the skin which is also a reason for cough.


A cup of grape juice with honey is advised for cough relief.

- Paste of soaked almonds mixed with butter and sugar should be taken in morning and evening.

- Onion juice mixed with honey kept for four or five hours also make an excellent cough syrup.

- The root of turmeric plant when roasted and powdered is good for dry cough.

- A sauce of raisins mixed with water and sugar should be eaten at night is good for cough


The person should take all food diet for 2 to 3 days and should avoid meat, sugar, tea, coffee, pickles, refined and processed food. He should also avoid soft drinks, ice-cream and all products made of sugar and white flour.

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 Causes and symptoms

The three chief causes of defective vision are mental strain, wrong food habits, and improper blood supply. Other causes of this eye disorder are reading in dim light or in too glaring light, reading in moving vehicles and watching excessive television or films.


- Intake of vitamin A rich products like spinach, turnip tops, milk cream, cheese, butter, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, cabbage, soya beans, green peas an dates.

- Ayurvedic preparation of embelica mycrobalan (amla), chebulic mycrobalan (harad) and belleric mycrobalan (bahera) should be mixed with triphala and water should be taken by mouth and for washing eyes to get good results.


The person should face the rising sun, with eyes closed and gently sway sideways. He should then open his eyes and blink at the sun and look at some greenery. Splashing cold water on your eyes will also be beneficial.

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Nuskha No.5
Hair Loss

Causes and Symptoms

The most important cause of loss of hair is inadequate nutrition and others are stress such as worry, anxiety and sudden shock, long standing illness like typhoid, chronic cold, influenza and an unclean scalp.


- Vigorously rubbing the scalp after washing it with cold water is the most effective among the home remedies.

- Gooseberry oil (amla boiled in water) mixed with coconut oil is considered a valuable hair tonic.

- A mixture of lettuce and spinach juice is believed to help hair growth.

- Mustard oil boiled with henna leaves is useful for healthy growth of hair.

- Massaging the scalp with coconut milk is also beneficial for loss of hair.

- Lime and pepper seeds ground together to get a fine paste has an irritant action which leads to an increased blood circulation to the affected area thus stimulating hair growth.

- The affected area should be rubbed with onion till it is red for patchy baldness.

- A fine paste of red gram should be applied on bald patches for beneficial results.

- Drinking green tea kills hair follicles thus reducing hair loss.


The healthy condition of hair depends on the intake of sufficient amount of essential nutrients. Proper cleaning of the hair and rubbing of the scalp with a towel prevents hair loss. 

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Nuskha No.6

Chewing basil leaves in the morning and evening can reduce stress to a great level.

Eating products which are rich source of Vitamin B like cashewnuts, green leafy vegetables, yeast, sprouts and bananas 

Yoghurt also helps in meeting the demand of stress.tress.

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Nuskha No.7

 -Coconut water is an excellent remedy for gastritis to return to normal condition.

-One cup of rice gruel is another excellent remedy.

-Potato juice is found valuable in relieving from gastritis

-Marigold juice taken in small quantity is also an effective tonic

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Nuskha No.8
Oily Hair

 -Squeeze the juice of two lemons in two cups of distilled water and put the juice in a bottle. After you have done shampoo dry your hair with the help of towel and massage your scalp with the liquid, leave it for 5 minutes and then rinse it with cool tepid water.

-Three or four drops of rosemary, lavender or lemon oil in a base of 1 ounce of primrose oil will help in cleansing and toning the sebaceous glands.

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Nuskha No.9
Premenstrual Syndrome

-A woman should wipe out all the negative feelings for being a woman. She should understand that the symptoms are wise messengers for your body and mind that they are in perfect shape.

-Avoiding sugar cravings is the secret to cure this syndrome.

-Miso Soup, a soy product which has been previously boiled with carrots, onions and ginger should be taken by woman suffering from this syndrome.

-Stirring 1/4th teaspoon of sea salt in warm water and drinking it puts an end to your sugar cravings

-Ginger tea is also beneficial in uplifting your mood emotionally.

-Eating smaller but frequent meals also reduces the sugar cravings.

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Nuskha No.10

-Preparing a paste of French Green Clay with water and a few additional drops of Tea tree oil should be applied on the blisters and kept for few hours and wiped off with warm water.

-Apply a paste of water and activated charcoal with cornstarch, this should be applied on the blisters with the help of a muslin cloth.

-Homeopathic treatment is also an effective way in treating shingles.

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